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The Icehouse Collective

"The Icehouse Collective is the title given to the combined efforts of one individual who exists in the desolate wasteland many refer to as Capital Land, New York. Perched slightly north of Albany; a city known for “kegs and eggs” and not much else, Cohoes is where you will find an honest to god Mom & Pop corner store, a handful of aggressive bands like Born Low & Trife Life, and the aptly named DIY show space The Icehouse (which used to be an actual Icehouse before being turned into a home). In that refrigerator/mansion lives a young man named Kory Gregory. Unlike many of us, Kory grew out of the embarrassing mall punk phase before his middle school graduation, skipped “the scene years” entirely and has a refined musical palette many twenty-somethings fresh off the Bachelor degree boat would envy to have in their high school days.

To cope with living in a cultural void (and with his complete and utter lack of a driver’s license) he began offering up his living room to bands he listens to endlessly in the bedroom built above his garage with the permission and support of his family. Many bands like Spraynard, Weatherbox, Waxahatchee, The Hotelier, The Sidekicks, Mikey Erg, Signals Midwest , State Lines, lovechild (and way too many more to list) were lured in with the promise of a show & a basketball hoop built into the wall of the house. Every band that has entered has left with the sentiment of “holy shit, this is the greatest place on planet Earth” and with their names written on the wall of the rec-room Kory’s father stores his vinyl record collection in, a collection which easily spans into the thousands. Some lucky artists have stayed the night in The Icehouse and have battled The Ice Prince in Mario Kart as well as filmed Icehouse Sessions in various parts of his luxurious home, including the hot tub.

If you can remember when you were young, you had energy, ambition and money to spend on stupid shit. These powers combined have inspired Kory not only to set up a handful of shows every month at The Icehouse, but to support his friends’ musical endeavors in a way very few can: giving them money so they can release their music in a physical format fans will buy. The Icehouse Collective will be releasing “What A Time To Be Alive”, the debut EP by Long Island emo outfit Scout on a seven inch Saturday, September 20th. The release event is known as Bad Scene Forever Fest, a three day event from the 19th to 21st taking place at his house featuring a wide variety of different styles and sizes of bands, including (but not limited to): The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die (Topshelf Records), Aviator (No Sleep Records), Violent Sons (Bridge Nine Records – Members of VERSE), Sorority Noise (Broken World Media) and the first of a handful of reunion shows from New York’s short-lived melodic hardcore group Young English. If you were inclined to attend such an event, more information for that can be found at

The Icehouse Collective’s inaugural release as a record label stands to be the beginning of the empire that Kory “The Ice Prince” Gregory will surely rule over from his frozen throne in upstate New York for many years to come.

Tickets for Bad Scene Forever Fest and copies of Scout’s “What A Time To Be Alive” can be ordered from The Icehouse Collective at Further information on future releases can be found at and hilarious tweets can be read at the handle @TheIcehouseNY " 


Posted on September 8th, 2014